Upgrading the Worktop in Your Kitchen?  Consider the Various Options

Quartz worktops are rapidly becoming the most popular type of kitchen worktop in homes today.  A significant number of new home that are being built are coming equipped with quartz worktops as a standard addition to the home.  If you have ever used a quartz worktop in your home, you probably already know the countless benefits that abound from having one of these worktops made from this natural material that is durable enough to stand the test of time.  Quartz means hard in Slavic.  When rated on the hardness scale, Quartz is only slightly less hard than that of a diamond, but the cost is significantly less than that of a diamond.


Visual Appearance and Composition

It’s not just about the toughness of the material, even though that proves to be quite important.  Visual appearance is also important as well.  For the majority of people, having a visually appealing kitchen worktop is just as important as having one that can withstand the heat of the kitchen.  Quartz worktops are composed of 93 percent quartz crystals and the remaining 7 percent is resign with a bonding agent, as well as added materials for decoration.

Adding in a Splash of Colour

In certain instances, a pigment is added to stain the quartz to a specific colour.  Not only will this create an attractive finish, but it will help to retain the signature look of a natural material.  Today, kitchen worktops that are made from quartz are being produced with added materials such as mirrored flecks or small metal flecks.


Metallic flakes can create a sparkling effect that lights the counter beautifully and provides a significant impact on the manner in which the entire kitchen looks.  Incorporating mirrored flecks into the manufacturing process of the worktop will make the top appear highly reflective and capture the light in a number of different ways, which will only make the finished result that much more amazing.

One of the biggest benefits to manufacturing quartz worktops in this manner is so that the colour effects will run throughout the worktop.  When a worktop is created with a veneer, it can easily peel, chip, crack or tear, which paves the way to an unhygienic and unsightly work surface underneath the coating.  The whole point of upgrading your worktop is to have a surface that will look amazing and stand the test of time for years to come.


Durability and Versatility Rolled Into One Package

When considering durability, visual appearance and versatility, quartz worktops definitely deliver.  They provide users with an ideal solution for those who are looking to create kitchens that combine style and functionality.  If you are not sure whether quartz is going to provide you with what you desire, other alternatives are on the market from which you can choose.  To make an informed decision, it is important that you look at all of the different options to choose the worktop that will fit into your kitchen space beautifully.  It is also important that you understand how the various alternatives stack up to quartz.

Granite Provides a World of Opportunity for You

Beyond looking good, granite worktops can blend into just about any environment.  Since they are a hard material, you don’t have to worry about them easily breaking.  Most varieties won’t absorb the water like their wood counterparts does.  Insects are not an issue with granite, nor will you have to worry about them being inflammable.  To a certain degree, granite worktops are resistant to scratches.  Unlike the stone worktops, you don’t have to worry about staining from vinegar, lime juice or other items that are commonly used for cooking.


In the event your worktop needs to be replaced, that is not a problem with granite.  You can find a replacement in no time at all, so your kitchen will always look amazing.  Laying the granite worktop into place is quick and simple.  It comes in a single slab to your specifications, so you can rest assured the worktop will fit properly.  Long gone are the days of worrying about having to cut and resize the piece for your installation.

Style, Grace and Beauty Abound in Glass Worktops

When it comes to customising the worktop in your kitchen, glass can be cut into any shape and size to fit the design of your kitchen.  Since they come in an array of colours, you can create a truly unique look that won’t fade over time.  Regardless of what colour your kitchen is, you will find a worktop that will accommodate your room perfectly.  These worktops boast a modern, sleek and stylish design that brings life into the kitchen.  With the broad array of colours available, you can rest assured your kitchen will have a unique look that is unlike anything else around town.   Beyond looking great, you won’t have to worry about any grouting on the worktops.

For those who are worried about staining and mould, that is not a problem with these worktops.  They are extremely hygienic and can easily be wiped and cleaned for a healthy work surface.  Once you make the decision to use glass worktops in your kitchen, you can rest assured they will last for years to come.  The durability of the glass makes it a must have for countless homeowners.

Elegance in the Comfort of Your Kitchen

Plenty of reasons exist as to why marble worktops have become so popular in homes today.  When purchasing marble worktops, you can have them fabricated to include a fancy ogee edge thanks to granite_worktops21the softness and workability that exists in the marble material.  Since marble cuts like a dream, you can create some of the fanciest designs without having to worry about damaging the material, which is not something you can do with a lot of the other materials.

Even though marble has an inherent softness, it is still plenty hard enough to withstand large amounts of traffic and everyday use.  This ideal work surface is able to withstand the heat, which makes it perfect for use around the kitchen.  Beauty, simplicity and splendour abound with this luxurious alternative for replacing your kitchen worktop.